Unlimited Video interviews can be a great way to save money when prescreening multiple applicants. It can help easily identify the best candidates in your talent pool. 

Unlimited Video Interviews cost $49/month per job (prorated by your monthly billing date). This feature will remain active until you request to cancel with our support team.


To Activate

To activate an Unlimited Video Interview request, you can send a quick email to our support team and they will verify the details with you. Once verified, they will turn your feature on right away. You will find this same information in the message screen if you are requesting an interview from a single applicant, as well. Click the Select Action button on the applicant you wish to request a video for and choose Request Video Interview from the drop-down menu to find this information in the system (shown below).


To Cancel

To cancel Unlimited Video Interviews, you must send an email to our support team (prior to your next monthly billing renewal date) and mention each job that you would like to cancel the service for. 

Please Note: Taking a job ‘Offline’ or ‘Archiving’ a job will NOT turn Unlimited Video Interviews off and the service will continue to bill each month until you have let us know to cancel. This service can still be used with offline jobs since you can still send Video Interviews to candidates while the job is offline.

If you do not have Video Interviews turned ON for a job, you will be charged $9 per applicant that completes a Video Interview request.